abc2score - A Freeware Application

By John Layton

Screenshot of the abc2score program

This is abc2score's second incarnation.The first disappeared when my website went down and I simultaneously lost the coding, which was a bitter blow.

So during the quarantine of Spring 2020 I sat at my computer and rewrote the program in its entirety. This is the 32 bit version and hopefully before long there will a 64 bit version. It is cross platform and should work on Linux as well as Windows.

The program can handle very large abc files, although I have broken down my original file into smaller manageable packets and these files are included in the zipped folder as well as others I have collected over the years.

DOWNLOAD abc2score zipped file

After downloading the abc2score zip file unzip the software and drag the unzipped abc2score folder to wherever you like. I have placed mine in the path "C:\abc2score".

All the files and executives you need for abc2score to work are included in this folder, excluding Ghostscript which you can download below. Also you might want to create a shortcut(right click on the executive file and then click 'create shortcut' on the drop down menu).Once created the shortcut can then be dragged to your desktop for ease of use.

DOWNLOAD Ghostscript

You are now ready to begin using the program. Full operating instructions are provided in the help file.

If anyone would like the source code for this application email me.

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